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Welcome to the official website of Boy Scout Troop 1853, Community Covenant Church, Springfield, VA

A Scout-Run Troop, On the Go

Troop 1853 meets from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm every Tuesday at the Community Covenant Church, 7018 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield VA 22152.  Meetings are planned and run by the Scouts in accordance with the annual program developed by their Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) every June.  Every month has a program theme.

As a unit, the Troop camps one weekend a month - except for July which is summer camp and high adventure trips.  The camping locations and the focus of activities during the outing are determined by the PLC.  In addition to these campouts, First Class Scouts over the age of 13 often plan physically challenging high adventure trips.  Patrol Leaders and Troop Officers also gather twice a year for a weekend of camping and Junior Leader Training.  Finally, in the summer, the Troop spends a week at summer camp and sends a venture crew of senior Scouts on a high adventure trip.

The troop has seven vibrant patrols, including the Pirates, a patrol made up entirely of older Scouts who have served in specified leadership positions.  Each patrol buys its own food, cooks together, camps together, and shares responsibility for running a portion of the Troop meetings.  Patrols generally have their own meetings outside of the Troop meetings and may plan their own day or overnight trips.




Troop 1853 - January 2018 Klondike Derby, Harper Ferry, WV



Please contact our Scoutmaster - Chris Cooper for more information.  His e-mail address is:  scoutmaster@troop1853.org


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