About Troop 1853

Welcome to Troop 1853!

Troop 1853 is a boy-led Boy Scout Troop that meets at Community Covenant Church, 7018 Sydenstricker Road, at 7:30 every Tuesday.   
Following are a few observations about our Troop to give you an idea about our "culture": 
  • We have a very close-knit group of adult Scouters - about 90 registered, but more like 30 active.  Five of our previous Scoutmasters are still with the Troop. Many members consider the Troop their second family (I know I do!)!
  • We normally have between 90 and 110 Scouts.  Our large size offers some great advantages:  we can offer a lot of activities because we can call on a deep well of adult volunteers; we do a superb job providing the Boy Scout program and helping Scouts stay on track for advancement; we can afford to have two dedicated Asst Scoutmasters who are "Eagle Coaches" for all of our Life Scouts; we always have ample leadership opportunities for Scouts; and boys almost always develop a good circle of friends within the Troop.
  • Our six "line" patrols are mixed-age patrols, with Scouts anywhere from 10 years old to 17 (most are 10-14).  Older Scouts can join our "Pirates Patrol" if they have served as a Patrol Leader, plus Senior Patrol Leader or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.
  • We are dedicated to developing the boys as leaders - we work very hard to empower the boy leaders while providing a safe experience for all.
  • Campouts in 2016: March is a Merit Badge/Scout Skills Campout; April is the Shooting/Archery Campout; May is Horseback Riding Campout; June is a COPE Campout; July is Summer Camp and Swamp Base High-Adventure; August is the Water Sports Campout; September is the Renaissance Campout; October is the Fall Camporee; and November is the Hike-O-Ree.  In June, the PLC will meet and the scouts will plan next year's calendar.
  • For boys who stay with the Troop and try to make Eagle, the vast majority make it.  We have excellent support systems, monitoring of progress, "nagging", etc to help parents help their boys cross the finish line, etc.  In the average year, Troop 1853 will see about 15 boys make Eagle Scout.

A few more facts: 

  • Monthly program and campout themes are decided by the boys at the annual planning conference (usually June)
  • We are organized into mixed-age patrols; no New-Scout Patrol
  • We run a New Scout training program from March through August
  • We have a very active High Adventure Program (for Scouts 13 years old and up):  in 2016 we have two Swamp Base crews and one Lenhok’sin crew.  Annually, we average 3-4 crews going to either Philmont, Northern Tier, SeaBase, Summit, and other high-adventure camps.
  • Our Troop runs on the efforts of volunteers and engaged parents…the boys and our Troop need you!
  • Our Troop is funded through dues:  $134 ($95 for the Troop, $39 for Council) annually per Scout.  Additionally, we offer one fundraiser annually for boys to earn money for Campouts, Summer Camp or other Troop events

For more information, just send an email to Scoutmaster@Troop1853.org